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What is Podiatry Alliance?

In 2008, a group of Podiatrist of the Lehigh valley came together to explore new ways of working together. The goal was to investigate ways they could take action for the benefit of the patients in their individual practices. These Podiatrists were also looking for ways to find advantage in group purchasing of goods and services for their practices. After discussion and refinement of these new ideas for a specialty in medicine the Podiatry Alliance was born.

The Podiatry Alliance brings together select Doctors of Podiatric Medicine across the Lehigh Valley with a cumulative practice experience of over 150 years. This alliance is constantly evolving and exploring news ways for alliance to benefit from collaborative efforts to bring new ideas, cost savings and other benefit to their practices and ultimately their patients.

Are there opportunities for other DPM’s to affiliate with this group?

Yes there are a number of ways an individual or group could affiliate with the Podiatry Alliance and find enhancements for their practices.


Charter Partners Logo

Charter Partners is the organization who facilitated the group coming together.

Charter Partners has pioneered the concept of Cooperative Entrepreneurship®: quality business owners working together to improve their businesses and industries.

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